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Our basic car history check is great for shortlisting your vehicles and making a safe choice. Not sure about going for a full check? Please go for a basic check and ensure the car you hope to buy ticks off the all-important checks. You could save some money plus it will act as a guide and help you to shortlist your next car.

Why do I need a car history check?

Why take the risk and find out that your new pride and joy has major problems.

A car history check can help you find out about potential problems before you risk your money. Here we take a closer look at what information is available with a vehicle check.

Our £0.00, absolutely FREE car history check

Our free vehicle check is a good place to start as it can flag up any major issues with the car you are looking at. Simply enter the registration number and your instant car check will appear on the screen. This includes:

DVLA vehicle details

3 Level Vehicle Valuation

EuroNCAP ratings

Full MOT history

Mileage history

Whether the vehicle has been exported or imported

Vehicle performance data

Environmental details

With this information you can start to decide whether it’s worth considering taking a test drive.

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Enhanced car history check

If you’re wanting to learn a little more about a car, then our enhanced vehicle check is for you. As well as all the information included with the FREE Car check, the enhanced vehicle check also includes:

Outstanding finance information

Insurance write off details, including the category

Whether the car is considered a high-risk purchase

Stolen Vehicle Check

Written-Off Check

Mileage Discrepancy Checks

With the enhanced vehicle check, you can put your mind at rest that there are no major issues with the car before you make your final purchase.

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Full car history check
Are You Ready to Start a Car History Check?

Our car history check can give you all the important information that you need to buy with confidence.

It offers you the peace of mind to part with your money without the risk of discovering major issues when it’s too late. If you’re looking to purchase a car, we strongly recommend getting a thorough history check.

Try one of our vehicle check options and get your report now.

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Germfree Adolescent
Positive: Professionalism, Value
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I checked out a van that I had seen for sale online and was keen to know all about it. I used the free check to start with, see what it came up with first before paying for a more in depth check. The colours of the van I was looking at didn't match what DVLA thought it was. I will leave well alone! I didn't go as far as paying for the advanced check, there didn't seem much point. Thank you very much Next Car Check and my thanks to the lovely Molly who helped me through the process. I will definitely use this company again. PS Promise to give you some money next time.
, Car History Check, ClickCarServicing
Christopher Bearfoot
Positive: Professionalism, Value
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Positive: Professionalism, Value Excellent customer service from online chat assistant Molly who confidently and competently steered me through the service. Friendly with sufficient knowledge to be able to answer questions without having to go and refer to anyone else. Highly recommended.
, Car History Check, ClickCarServicing
David Wilson
Positive: Professionalism
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Really easy to use and cheapest I have found
, Car History Check, ClickCarServicing
Paul Smith
Positive: Value
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Great Value
, Car History Check, ClickCarServicing
SophiePositive: Fantastic service!
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Brilliant service and so quick and easy to do, took less than a minute to get all the information I needed! So much information available which is broken down in a really clear way and easy to understand. Will definitely be using Nextcarcheck again!

Check a used vehicle’s condition

Learn about hidden problems before you buy

No matter where you buy your next car

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Every Next Car Check comes with a personalised, unbiased review from Carwow, AutoCar and more…

Our car reviews are totally independent and come with verdicts you can trust from the biggest names in the industry.

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Written-Off Check (Enhanced)

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Scrapped Check (Free)

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MOT History Check (Free)

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Import / Export Check (Enhanced)

, Car History Check, ClickCarServicing

Stolen Check (Enhanced)

, Car History Check, ClickCarServicing

Outstanding Finance Check (Enhanced)

, Car History Check, ClickCarServicing

Mileage Anomaly Check (Enhanced)

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Euro Ncap Rating (Enhanced)

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Instant Online Report (Free)

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