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R. Nicholls
Ford Fiesta Zetec - 2023
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At ClickCar, we make the process of buying and financing a used car simple and stress-free.

Our access to a diverse panel of lenders guarantees that you receive the best deal that fits your specific budget, needs, and preferences including a solution for those with credit challenges.

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Your own dedicated car buying expert

Each customer is assigned their own personal dedicated car buying expert to assist them through the car buying journey every step of the way. Once your application is approved, you will get a welcome email and text from your account manager


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What is covered with our extended guarantee

All internally lubricated Engine parts are covered, including: Camshafts & bearings, camshaft followers & rockers (including hydraulic lash adjusters), connecting rods & bearings, crankshaft & bearings, cylinder block, cylinder bores & liners & seals, cylinder heads, internal bushings & bearings, oil pump & drive, pistons & rings, timing gears, chain, tensioner, valves, springs & guides (burnt or pitted valves and valve seats are not covered).


In addition, the following items are covered; cylinder head gasket, Flexible Drive Plate – Flexible drive plate for the automatic transmission’s torque converter, Gearboxes – including automated manual gearboxes, automatic gearboxes, four-wheel drive transfer gearboxes, hybrid transaxles, manual gearboxes and transaxles, Automatic transmission brake bands & clutches, gears, hydraulic gear-shift governors & internal servos & valve blocks, internal bearings & bushes, oil pumps, selector forks, shafts (all, including extension shafts), synchromesh hubs and rings and torque converter, Transmissions – including front & centre & rear differentials, front & rear live axles and drive shafts, Constant velocity joints, crown wheels & pinions, differential gears & thrust washers, external drive shafts, internal bushes & bearings & shafts and propeller shafts & propeller universal joints.