Our I Love My Car subscription has you covered:

Servicing Included
MOT Included
Brake Pad Change Included
Brake Discs Change Included
Fuel System Cleans Included
Brake fluid Change Included
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All for £34.99 a month

Cancel any time.

Your annual MOT, Service and maintenance covered for only £34.99 per month

Get the peace of mind that your MOT and maintenance costs are covered for the next 3 years for a fixed, inflation-proof sum each month with the I Love My Car Plan.

  • Flexible – 3 year transferable plan available, should you change your vehicle.
  • Convenient - regular monthly sum to help with budgeting.
  • Inflation-proof - prices fixed for the period of the plan – guaranteed.
  • Great Value - cheaper than buying separately each year.
  • Secure - money held in protected customer account.
  • Risk Free - plan can be withdrawn at any time and funds withdrawn.

If the expense of your annual service and MOT takes you by surprise each year, our I Love My Car Plan could be just what you need. For a small sum each month we guarantee to cover the cost of your service, MOT, brake pads, brake discs, fluid tops ups fuel treatments for 3 years.


What’s not to love?


So what do i get for my £34.99 per month?

Your plan will cover you for:

  1. 3x Services (1x Interim, 1x Full and 1x Major Service),
  2. 3x MOT Tests,
  3. 2x Set of Brake Pads (front or rear),
  4. 2x Set of Brake Discs (if deemed necessary by our technician),
  5. 3x Fuel System Treatments and
  6. 1x Brake Fluid Change any time during the 3 years.


Do I have to have the MOT and service together?

Yes you do. However, if you need the service before the end of the first year, there is unlikely to be enough money in the plan to cover the cost of the service so you will have to pay an additional amount on the day.

What if I do high mileage and my car needs more than one service a year?

The service plan covers one service per year as this is sufficient for most people. If your car does need additional servicing during the year, this will have to be paid on the day, but you will be able to take advantage of reduced pricing.

What happens if I start my plan midyear and there are not sufficient funds to cover the service and MOT when they are due?

You will have to pay any shortfall on the day.

If I miss a payment, will I be told?

Due to the costs of requesting any failed payments and likely reasons why they failed, any missed ones will not be requested. You will not be advised at the time but will be told when you come in for your service/MOT that a payment was missed.

What happens if I don’t have enough funds in the plan to cover the service or repair?

You will be able to pay the shortfall  on the day.

Can I cancel my plan and get my money back?

Yes. You can cancel at any time and the available plan balance will be returned to you, minus a £25 plus VAT administration charge that covers the cost of the set up 

What happens if I change my car?

Should you change vehicles, we can transfer any unused balance to your new vehicle.​ 

What if my car needs specialist plugs or oil?

As with any service any requirement for long life or platinum spark plugs will have to be paid on the day as the cost does not cover them. The cost of semi and fully synthetic 5w30 oil is covered by the plan.

National Car Repair & Servicing Made Easy

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A fair price in moments and a technician you can trust, straight to your door.

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, I Love My Car, ClickCarServicing
, I Love My Car, ClickCarServicing
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